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Do It Now!

As human beings, we always want to look our best. We feel good when we look good. Our confidence level increases when we lose pounds, dye our grey hair, get a new hair cut, have make up on, etc. It may be superficial to a lot of people but, the way we look matters. We check ourselves in front of the mirror before we leave our house and what we see in the mirror oftentimes sets our mood, tone, behavior as we head outside.

And so to look good and feel good, we'd promise ourselves to exercise, eat healthy, pedi/mani, go to the salon, but due to the demands of our work, family, other engagements and responsibilities, taking care of ourselves becomes the least of our priorities. We procrastinate or worse, we end up not doing so.

When we procrastinate, we don't get things done and the way to beat that is to pump ourselves with a self starter "Do It Now!" If we want to lose weight, we take action promptly to achieve our goal. We start to watch what we eat and find the right routine and exercise. We "Do It Now!" We don't wait until tomorrow. We "Do It Now!" If we want to improve the way we look, we take in charge of ourselves and we steer into the right direction. We find ways on how we can appear better and feel better. Ask your friends how they get rid of their wrinkles, what made them look younger and beautiful, what diet they followed to lose weight, which spa or salon they went to pamper themselves. Search on the internet what works and what doesn't and take action, "Do It Now!" It doesn't matter whether we choose the right salon or not, the right hair color to dye our hair, the appropriate diet for our body. What matters is we started to take action to improve ourselves and we just change the wrong decisions with the right one later on. At least, early on, you have found out what decisions you've done wrong and make tweaks here and there. The most successful people are the ones that decide fast and make gradual changes with their decisions. So what are you waiting for "Do It Now!" and "Take Action."

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