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Bello Network Monitoring ( is a free, easy-to-use network monitoring utility that can provide 24/7 monitoring of your network and your Internet site. It is a complete, on-demand monitoring solution that can alert you to and automatically report on any network problems or failures, including Internet connectivity problems or outages. It is ideal for detecting Internet connection problems with the internet service provider, detecting network security problems, detecting application or service problems, detecting firewall or routers failures, detecting mail problems, detecting web server problems, detecting IP problems, and general network troubleshooting. It also can be used for a complete system monitoring solution, automatically gathering and reporting up-to-date key system information. Bello is a free software network monitoring and network troubleshooting utility that is free to download and use. It is a popular choice for troubleshooting network and Internet problems. Bello features include: Monitor up to 32 network devices with a single click. Check up to 12 concurrent network connections Monitor Internet connectivity Monitor your network and Internet connections Detect network/Internet problems in a single click Automatically find out what is going on Automatically report network/Internet problems Automatically detect Internet connectivity problems Automatically detect computer names/IPs Automatically detect network devices Automatically detect networks Automatically detect hosts Automatically detect subnets Automatically detect ports Automatically detect proxy servers Automatically detect mail servers Automatically detect mail problems Automatically detect POP3, IMAP, and SMTP servers Automatically detect DNS servers Automatically detect security servers Automatically detect NAT Detect DNS problems Detect firewall problems Detect samba problems Automatically detect routers and servers Automatically detect IPs Automatically detect servers View a list of running processes Automatically detect running systems Automatically detect network printers Automatically detect operating systems Monitor network performance and statistics Detect network and Internet problems Automatically detect network/Internet issues Automatically detect network/Internet connectivity problems Automatically detect subnet problems Automatically detect IP problems Automatically detect hosts Automatically detect subnet problems Automatically detect host problems Automatically detect IP problems Automatically detect mail problems Automatically detect IMAP servers Automatically detect POP3 servers Automatically detect mail servers Automatically detect DNS servers Automatically detect mail servers Detect problem DNS servers Automatically detect mail servers Detect firewalls and proxy a5204a7ec7

Simple and easy to use web browser and monitoring program. No additional or special software required. Fully customizable and you can add/remove monitors at will. A complete overview of every monitor shows the status at a glance. This tool is ideal for webmasters and monitors of web-based services such as your webserver, your website, your websockets, your database, e.g. MySQL, W3C, DiscusD, Apache, nginx, Tomcat, Jetty, Httpd, Https, VirtualHost, WebDav and more. It is also great for App developers, website owners and testers. You can check the status of all your monitors from one place with just the mouse click or you can view the result in a specially designed window. Activate the on-demand monitoring service for your free starter account and start watching your websites. Use it as part of your test and test plan and if problems arise you will be notified via email, pager or instant messaging to fix the problem asap. Monitoring frequency: You can choose the monitoring interval - from 60 minutes down to one minute. Advanced HTTP: Each entry in the list of monitors shows a lot of interesting status information for each monitor such as "ping", "port", "https", "https_transaction", "http_transaction", "dns", "smtp", "pop3", "ftp", "mssql", "replication", "webdav", "websockets", "advanced http" and more. Easy to use: Just launch the application and select the monitor you want to check with the mouse and the button on the right side. If no monitor is found you will see an error message. Full monitor list: Click on the monitor list to get to the monitor's detailed information and to select it for all of them at once. High resolution monitor images: Each monitor has a high resolution image which can be downloaded using a simple mouse click on the image area. Many web applications: Bello Network Monitoring WinGUI Serial Key can monitor a large number of Web-based services and applications such as W3C, MySQL, SCO, Advanced HTTP, SOCKS, WSDL, SOAP, WebDAV, WebSockets, FTP and many more.

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